HydroFLOW enhances flocculation of suspended particles 

The HydroFLOW™ Water Conditioner: an easily installed, eco-friendly device enhances flocculation of suspended particles, improving filtration efficiency, and eliminating or reducing the need for coagulants or flocculants..

Based on over twenty-five years of experience, the patented HydroFLOW technology works with all equipment and piping systems, including: 

  • Cooling towers
  • Hot Water Boilers
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Water and Wastewater Piping
  • Commercial pools
  • Wells: water, injection, oil and gas
  • Pumps

Installed on the exterior of any piping system or pipe material, the HydroFLOW™ device employs a ferrite ring to induce an oscillating 150 kHz frequency that penetrates the pipe wall and travels both upstream and downstream from the point of installation. The water within the piping system, acts as a conduit to propagate the signal throughout the system, conditioning the water, whether it is moving or stationary. Testing has proven that the HydroFLOW™ signal is more efficient and effective than similar water conditioning technologies.

The oscillating HydroFLOW signal suppresses or neutralizes the surface charge on suspended particles, allowing them to coagulate and agglomerate with less polymer or coagulant.  In strictly filtration applications, filtration efficiency of existing equipment, particularly in recirculating system is increased by a factor of 3, allowing finer particles to be removed, without the need for coagulants. 

HydroFLOW units are available to fit pipe sizes ranging from 1.5” to 72” outside diameter.

Figure 1:  A tube-in-shell heat exchanger shown before and after (Left/ Right) the application of the Hydropath signal, where not only has the limescale been removed but magnetite has begun to form as a hard black deposit.

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Figure 2:  A diagram illustrating enhance filtration efficiency

Common corrosion problems with HydroFLOW™ solutions: 

  • Polymer for sludge dewatering.  HydroFLOW has demonstrated the capability to reduce polymer consumption by 20%-25% in sludge dewatering applications.

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