Water Treatment Evolved

HydroTech Solutions LLC is a full-service water and energy conservation firm that serves commercial, industrial and government facilities markets.

  • Water Savings
  • Energy Conservation
  • Chemicals Reduction
  • Reduced Maintenance and Repair Costs
  • 24/7 Data Monitoring and Analytics with a Secure Dashboard

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Metrics Validate Water Conservation

HydroTech improves net operating income for commercial property owners by using high-efficiency water technologies for cooling towers and boilers with IoT data collection with cloud-based data analytics. Measurement & verification of resources and cost savings is the next logical step for successful sustainability results.

HydroTech developed the Total Water Management program to conserve water, energy and extend equipment useful life for No Net Cost.  This comprehensive, consultative approach supports our focus on providing economic value to our customers on day-1 through the long-term, while improving building performance and efficiency.

HydroTech is focused on water innovations that improve operating efficiencies while reducing environmental impacts. Electronic water conditioning reduces scale and biofilm with pulsed frequency that reduces chemicals and extends water usability. Condensate water capture, rainwater collection systems, and high performance filtration save millions of gallons of water while more than offsetting municipal water costs. HydroTech  delivers short term ROI while conserving water, energy and maintenance costs.

Cost savings are validated by cloud-based analysis  of data collected from sensors and meters at locations, that is presented on dashboards by phone or computer. Evaporation Credit reporting, leak or exception alerts,  and monthly performance reporting are included with HydroTech programs.

Sustainable water management for facilities begins with analysis of historic data, followed by assessment of current practices so that a process of improving water use, equipment optimization, chemical reduction and automating data collection for continuous analysis that fine tunes ongoing water and energy conservation. Our results deliver improved net operating income and reduced water and energy consumption.

Join us on our path to conserve 1 Billion Gallons of water per year.

Water touches everyone, and the volumes that we conserve benefit all of us.

Sustainability is Our Foundation

The term Sustainability is used in many contexts and often misused for purposes of promoting differentiation without enhancing value. HydroTech was founded by energy and water industry veterans to provide business solutions that support sustainable business practices that affect water, and our purpose is to deliver cost-effective solutions to the energy industry, as well as commercial water users so that:

Water use involves recycling and the best use of a level of water quality, with focus on measuring the quality and collecting data so that the water life cycle continues with minimized degradation or loss.

Water quality and process systems data are collected, monitored and analyzed to improve performance, efficiency and cost savings for the component, systems and the enterprise.

Cost-effective water management is achievable when the full range of processes are evaluated. Operating silos are leveled and supply chains are analyzed, ensuring that water savings, chemical reduction, and energy efficiency are pursued as common goals.

Electronic tools are deployed for controlling bacteria, scale and corrosion that reduce chemical use, that IoT sensors are installed for real-time operations performance, that filtration is achieved at the 1-micron level without filter media or maintenance.

HydroTech Solutions was formed to develop new approaches for sustainable home and commercial water use. Our technologies are vetted with these principles in mind. ROI is important, and we are focused on delivering solutions that meet or are below the costs of conventional water technologies through direct sales, service contracts or long term leasing programs.

We evaluate and define the desired objectives as a starting point, and develop cost-effective ways to achieve them. 

Initiatives include:

Cooling Tower WCE (Water, Chemical, Energy) Conservation Initiative

WCE Conservation partnership was developed to reduce water, chemical and energy use at existing facilities. Installation of high efficiency electronic conditioners and filtration with Internet of Things (IoT) sensors that integrate cooling towers into building management systems that monitor performance that deliver reduction targets of 50% water use, 75% chemical use, and 12% kwh savings. Programs are developed to address portfolios of facilities where the targets can be scaled up for significant savings along with return on investment within 24 months.

Strategic Partner with PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) Program

Water savings involve cost savings, along with reductions of chemical and energy use. Thirty-two states including Texas have passed umbrella legislation enabling commercial building owners to install energy performance upgrades and finance 100% of the project costs for up to the weighted average useful life of the equipment being financed, typically 10-30 years.  HVAC upgrades are central to the efficiency capture through the PACE program, which HydroTech is positioned as a strategic partner that provides water conditioning, filtration and smart sensor deployment.

HydroTech is positioned as a partner with industry colleagues and clients, associations and consortiums with the purpose of developing high value sustainable water solutions for the long term, which is central to our own sustainability objectives of continued growth and innovation.