Total Water Management Optimized Cooling Water Treatment,
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Achieve unmatched water and energy efficiency for your cooling system with our Performance Guarantee

Protect Assets

Gently Dissolve Existing Scale

Total Water Management promotes magnetite formation, protecting carbon steel surfaces against corrosion.

Total Water Management technology allows circulating water to move at higher pH ranges than standard treatment programs, establishing a less corrosive environment.

Save Water

Operate at higher cycles of concentration, typically ranging from 8 – 16, with less blowdown.

Save Energy

Eliminate insulating scale deposits and restore your heat transfer surfaces to bare‐ metal pristine condition, reducing energy consumption by 10 – 20%.

Measurement and Verification

Our Total Water Management Dashboard monitors your cooling tower water chemistry, operating parameters, and tracks water use, enabling you to quickly diagnose and respond to leaks and overflows.

Eliminate Scale

The signal of our electronic water conditioner induces the dissolved minerals in the circulating water to cluster and precipitate as stable crystals that remain in suspension and do not adhere to piping and equipment surfaces as scale.  The suspended particles pass harmlessly through the system until discharged as blowdown or filtered out.

Existing scale deposits are softened and  re-mineralized, dissolving over time.

Protect against Corrosion

Systems utilizing Total Water Management technology operate in pH ranges exceeding 9.0, without scaling, while creating   alkaline, less corrosive conditions.

The signal of our electronic water conditioner also creates a reducing environment, promoting the formation of a magnetite layer on carbon steel surfaces, protecting the substrate from corrosion.

Prevent Biofouling

The signal disrupts the growth of bacteria and algae, causing them to perish; biofilm colonies detach from pipe and equipment surfaces. Independent studies have confirmed that the signal of our electronic water conditioner, with no or minimal use of biocides, inhibits the growth of bacteria and algae in circulating systems by up to 99.7%.

Controls and IoT Monitoring for your Cooling Tower

HydroTech utilizes industry leading IoT sensors and controls hardware with our own proprietary software to monitor and track water use and chemistry parameters. Our hardware packages are fully customizable depending upon the needs of your facility.

Dashboard with Alerts

Total Water Management (TWM) combines our proprietary treatment technology with data analysis to maximize system efficiency, track and validate savings, and protect operating assets.

Detect leaks and overflow and gain actionable insight into system performance and efficiency with real time data analysis and automated alerts.

Targeted Chemical Treatment

Traditional Chemical Treatment focuses primarily on preventing scale, which often requires acid-dosing for pH control and massive drums of cooling tower treatment chemicals.

Total Water Management does the heavy lifting of controlling scale without the need for acid dosing nor anti-scalants. The TWM chemical treatment program focuses exclusively on supplemental corrosion and biofouling protection.

Getting Started

We visit your locations to develop a water audit that identifies areas of potential water savings. The Water Audit includes baseline water and energy data for future comparison, along with suggested upgrades, municipal incentives and rebates that will reduce operating costs.

We install IoT meters and sensors to continuously monitor water and energy performance of the cooling tower and chillers. Total Water Management electronic water conditioning is installed to prevent scale and biofilm. Measurement and Verification (M&V) verifies water and energy conservation, while tracking cost savings.

Dashboards provide real‐time insights on performance. Alerts are generated when potential leaks or irregularities are identified. Sites are visited monthly or quarterly to review system operations, discuss cost savings and inspect digital sensors and meters. Monthly reports are generated that detail cost savings. Evaporative credit reports are generated that can be submitted monthly for municipal rebates.


We guarantee that your cooling tower system will achieve water and energy conservation targets that are developed during our Site Strategy session. Our guarantee is supported with Measurement and Verification that validates cost savings from water and energy conservation.

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