Your building may not have the efficiencies of the ones under construction today, but air quality, monitoring water and energy use provides abundant opportunities to capture and drive efficiencies. We measure to improve what we manage.

Intelligent building operations provide the benefits of high-performance buildings in existing buildings with near-term reduction in operating expenses while extending asset life. Like a FitBit for monitoring the vital metrics to improve our health, Smart Building Solutions provide a simple way to integrate, monitor and control building systems in real-time, for the long term.

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What we offer

Water and Energy Audits

HydroTech provides audits of existing buildings with the objective of identifying energy and water efficiencies, along with cost saving opportunities for building systems and its components. Scope of facility audits vary from a basic walk-through to comprehensive audis that require in-depth testing, measurement, and calculation.

Our audit results provide insights on energy and water conservation opportunities and facility improvement measures that can be implemented to buildings and their systems, along with a plan for installing sensors, meters and process improvements to elevate your facility into a High Performance Building.

Building Optimization

We provide a dashboard that allows you to optimize your facility management with real-time charts and actionable insights from a wide range of sensors. Our system collects multiple types of data and grows with you as you add systems and buildings. Our dashboard allows you to have remote controls of your critical systems.

Wireless retrofits are cost-effective tools for increasing operational efficiency on a phased implementation schedule that leverage under-utilized or stranded data, so that you avoid technological or functional obsolescence in your buildings.

Physical Water Conditioning, Chemical Reduction and Filtration

Most water systems rely on chemical dosing, salt softening and frequent maintenance to keep them operating. Very few systems digitally monitor their water systems, and optimization is manual. Our Total Water Management program provides HydroFLOW physical water conditioning that precipitates calcium into suspended solids that can be removed with filtration. Scale and biological growth are prevented, and performance is monitored in real-time.

High Performance Buildings use filtration on cooling towers, boilers and water systems to remove particles and debris that foul equipment and decrease asset life. We recommend filtration so that water systems operate at maximum efficiency; saving operating expenses and decreasing maintenance.

Salt softeners have a large footprint and require labor and monthly expense. HydroFLOW physical water conditioning causes dissolved calcium to precipitate into a harmless particle that will not form scale. Water hardness decreases, and plumbing fixtures require less cleaning, repairs and maintenance. Cooling towers with HydroFLOW don’t need softened water, saving labor, materials and repairs.

Data Collection

We specify and install cost-effective and secure wireless solutions to capture critical mechanical, electrical, water, plumbing and environmental data from your buildings. Existing sensors and BMS data are integrated into a stand-alone communications system that securely works outside of corporate IT infrastructure. We have an open API network for software analytic partner integrations.

Building Analytics

Our secure cloud-based dashboard provides you with insights and alerts to increase operational visibility that allow you to proactively manage your facility. Analytics identify opportunities for performance improvement for 1 or many buildings, that is easily shared across teams and organizations.

How we benefit stakeholders

Building Occupants

People are a company’s most valuable asset, and their work environment directly affects their health and ultimately their performance. Air quality, ambient sound levels and comfortable lighting are essential for enabling people to operate efficiently, which benefits numerous stakeholders.

Ensuring high performance operation of HVAC, lighting, water systems and the core processes that support the purpose the building (the people) should be efficient and optimized. Sensors deliver the data for analysis, so that costs are minimized while optimizing the working environment.

Building Owners

Improve Net Operating Income (NOI) by reducing costs, increasing building value, and retaining tenants. Data monitoring and analysis reduces costs and provides granular visibility into costs and opportunities to reduce energy and water use. Smart Building Data increases value by adding capabilities such as and Indoor Air Quality monitoring, portfolio views with comparative tools for benchmarking.

Continuous monitoring programs can be designed to track and measure basically any and every parameter in a commercial building, and legacy Building Management System (BMS) data can be analyzed along with new sensor feeds so that stranded or inaccessible data is available and actionable with an easy to view, configurable dashboard.

Building Engineers

Existing buildings often have disparate systems for tracking performance that do not share or analyze key data. We provide one dashboard that monitors data from sensors, meters and even legacy Building Management Systems (BMS) so that daily workflows for your building systems are in one place. Our dashboards are easy to understand and can be a useful tool to share building information with tenants.

Facility & Asset Managers

Monitoring critical infrastructure or portfolios of buildings can be difficult to manage without an efficient process to determine status of each system. Our platform provides visibility to see all your systems and buildings based on priority and can also set warnings and critical alerts.

Legacy Building Management Systems (BMS) often have stranded data and multiple modules that cannot interact or provide analysis. Our secure, cloud-based dashboard integrates all data with easy to configure and understand graphics that simplify your own review and analysis.

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