BIOFOULING Contamination by bacteria and other biological material is known as biofouling. Biofouling is a major problem in industrial and commercial systems. In recirculating water systems bacteria can build up to problematic levels and can be very difficult or expensive to treat with chemicals. Additionally, bacteria cling to pipes and heat exchanges surfaces to form biofilm which reduces heat transfer and blocks process. HydroFLOW technology inhibits bacteria and algae without the use of chemical disinfectants, such as Legionella. The HydroFLOW signal deploys an electric charge and utilizes the process of osmosis to force water into bacteria and algae, disrupting their natural functions and rupturing their cell walls. The HydroFLOW signal also causes biofilm to dislodge from pipe and equipment surfaces, which is then easily filtered out of the water system.

In laboratory testing, HydroFLOW has demonstrated a 99.7% kill rate in recirculating systems after 1 hour of exposure to the HydroFLOW signal
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