CORROSION PROTECTION HydroFLOW technology protects piping systems and equipment due to the “skin effect” of the oscillating signal. The RF signal passing along a metal pipe creates a coaxial magnetic field, forcing free electrons to migrate to the exterior of a piping system (i.e., the “skin effect”), interfering with the electro‐chemical chain reaction necessary for corrosion to occur. Within a carbon steel piping system, the signal creates a reducing environment, promoting the Formation of Magnetite in low temperature, oxygen‐rich applications, such as cooling towers. As a hard dense layer on the piping interior surface, the magnetite protects the carbon steel substrate from oxidation.

Additionally, the HydroFLOW signal inhibits the growth of SRB colonies and Microbial Induced Corrosion (MIC). Slow‐moving or standing waters are prone to the development of bacteria, particularly SRBs, since these areas are not well penetrated by disinfectant chemicals, and flow turbulence is not available to dislodge biofilm.

The HydroFLOW signal is propagated throughout a piping system, regardless of the flow velocity, penetrating and protecting slow‐moving or standing channels from bacterial growth, inhibiting and/or preventing MIC.
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