Maximize Farm Efficiency with HydroFLOW

HydroFLOW technology increases crop yields while reducing water, fertilizer, and chemical consumption

Increase Crop Yields

Uptake of plant nutrients and water is facilitated by the HydroFLOW signal, resulting in improved crop yields with lower fertilizer requirements.

Increase Crop Yields

Extend Root and Moisture Depth

HydroFLOW extends root and moisture depth. The technology reduces the surface tension of the water molecules allowing irrigation water to penetrate deeper without the need of surfactants. Deeper moisture penetration results in lower irrigation, less fertilizer run-off, and an extended root zone.

Less Irrigation Water

Extended Root Zone

Strengthen Plant Health

The oscillating HydroFLOW signal inhibits the growth of fungal pathogens, strengthening plant health, without the use of chemical fungicides, reducing costs and environmental impact.

Strengthen Plant Health

USDA certified Organic Crop Production Aid

HydroFLOW is certified as an organic production aid for both irrigation and food processing operations.

Inhibit fungal pathogens

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