Optimize Your Sludge Dewatering System Efficiency with HydroFLOW

HydroFLOW Improves dewatering operations and protects your sludge dewatering equipment from the harmful effects of struvite scale.

Polymer Reduction

HydroFLOW provides a unique solution for sludge dewatering applications, in an eco-friendly, cost savings package. Its oscillating signal improves sludge flocculation and dewatering with a corresponding reduction in polymer consumption and increase in dry solids concentration. Simultaneously, dewatering operations that are subject to struvite scale are protected from expensive downtime and maintenance. The HydroFLOW signal induces better flocculation of suspended solids, reducing polymer consumption on average by 15% to 25% and saving operating expenses.

Polymer Reduction
of 15% ‐ 25%

Improved Cake Dryness of 1% ‐ 3%

Struvite Scale Control

Relying on proven HydroFLOW technology for struvite scale control, the process is easily integrated into existing WWTP operations, without the need for extensive capital equipment, financial resources, or installation time.

Heavily scaled systems are more easily cleaned after the installation of HydroFLOW, resulting in reduced maintenance costs for press drums, flights, and pans. The HydroFLOW technology softens existing struvite scale, facilitating removal without damage to equipment from harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners. Left alone, scale will dissolve or be removed by agitation from turbulent flow.

Protection of equipment from accumulated scale, eliminates the need for expensive cleaning and downtime from reduced capacity and wear. Premature failure and replacement of dewatering equipment is often avoided, deferring future capital expenditures, conserving capital, and improving return on investment.

Reduced Downtime & Maintenance

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