Maximize Your Steam Boiler Efficiency with HydroFLOW and our Total Water Management Program

HydroFLOW protects your steam boiler against the harmful effects of scale and corrosion. Our Performance Guarantee and Total Water Management Program assures savings in annual operating costs.

Scale Control and Removal

HydroFLOW will prevent and control the formation of scale and deposits that cause tube failures, restrict circulation, reduce system efficiency, and compromise a boiler system’s reliability.

Utilize unsoftened feedwater as Make-up for your Boiler and reduce corrosion in condensate return piping

HydroFLOW allows operation of boilers at high cycles without the need for softening. Instead calcium and carbonate ions precipitate as a fine powder in suspension (not as hard scale) which exits the boiler as part of the blowdown.

The precipitation of carbonate reduces carbon dioxide carryover, minimizing the formation of carbonic acid in the condensate return piping. Not only is corrosion potential diminished, but consumption of neutralizing amines is reduced by as much as 75%.

40%‐70% Reduction in Treatment Chemicals

Restore Boiler Condition

Boilers are routinely opened for inspection revealing scale and corrosion products that must be removed to ensure proper heat transfer. HydroFLOW technology remineralizes and softens existing scale, causing it to detach and discharge with the process blowdown. By preventing the formation of new scale, HydroFLOW saves hours of manual labor required to remove deposits and scale from heat transfer surfaces of boilers and condensers.

Reduce Downtime & Maintenance

Save Water by Raising Cycles

With hard or alkaline feedwaters, traditional water treatment programs generally limit boilers to a few cycles of concentration to prevent scaling, maintain equipment condition and reduce maintenance downtime. HydroFLOW allows operation of steam boilers at higher cycles of concentration, typically above 8-10+, enabling unprecedented levels of water and treatment efficiency, resulting in water, energy, and chemical treatment savings.

60%-80% Water Savings

Save Fuel

HydroFLOW will maintain scale-free heat transfer surfaces in your boiler systems. With lower exhaust stack temperatures, fuel savings from 3% – 10% are achievable.

3%-10% Fuel Savings

Operational Simplicity with IoT/Cloud Based Monitoring and Data Collection

Boilers are critical to your business operations. Protecting these assets is priority one, while meeting sustainability initiatives to reduce your ecological footprint is a close second. HydroFLOW fulfils these objectives in a simple, eco-friendly package. Welcome to Total Water Management™, a comprehensive water treatment service which integrates HydroFLOW technology, a supplemental treatment program. industry leading boiler controls, and 24/7 data monitoring. All with one objective: Maximizing the efficiency of your cooling tower operations with minimal cost and environmental impact. Automatically Measure and Validate your water savings and generate immediate savings guaranteed to exceed monthly service fees.

Analytics & Alerts

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