Maximize Your Reverse Osmosis System Efficiency with HydroFLOW

HydroFLOW protects your reverse osmosis system against the harmful effects of biofouling, while enhancing permeate recovery and uptime.

Reduced disinfection chemical requirements

HydroFLOW technology inhibits bacteria growth in RO systems using tertiary treated wastewater for feedwater, reducing or eliminating chlorine or chloramine consumption in its entirety.

Reduced Chlorine / Chloramine

Extend Membrane Useful Life and Reduce Downtime

Inhibition of bacterial growth reduces the frequency for membrane cleanings, increasing uptime and lengthening membrane useful life.

Longer Membrane Life

Increased energy efficiency

By inhibiting bacterial growth, HydroFLOW mitigates membrane pressure drops, reducing energy consumption.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Reduced Membrane Cleaning

With reduced frequency of membrane cleanings, chemical cleaning costs are also reduced, including chemical, water, and labor costs.

Less Cleaning and Downtime

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